Premium Patriot Coffee Freedom Pods (k-cups) - 24 Pods

Premium Patriot Coffee Freedom Pods (k-cups) - 24 Pods

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24 Pods of Freedom in each box.

*Freedom pods are compatible with all Keurig machines including the Keurig 2.0.

*Freedom Pods are biodegradable.

- 100% arabica beans
- Sweet & clean
- Dark roast
- We taste freedom, honey, and milk chocolate


Freedom 1 Coffee is owned by an active-duty Army officer. Our dream is to provide freedom-loving Americans with revolutionary coffee. When you choose to buy coffee from Freedom 1 Coffee, you are not just buying a bag of beans, you are buying an experience. We care about your experience so much that we ensure every order that leaves our facility is accompanied by a hand-written thank you card.