Body Relief Patches
Body Relief Patches
Body Relief Patches
Body Relief Patches

Body Relief Patches

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Body Relief Patches offer relief from occasional aches and pains and support a healthy inflammatory response in the body.

There is an 85% success rate with people reporting relief and effectiveness of the products. Results do vary from person to person.


1. How many patches are in each unit ordered?
Here are 20 patches in each unit ordered.

2. Are the Body Relief Patches waterproof?
Yes. You can shower and swim with them on and water will not affect their efficacy.

3. For how long do the Body Relief Patches last?
Each patch will last for up to a week or for as long as relief is associated with them. Please keep each patch on for the first 48-72 hours as this is when their frequencies are strongest.

4. Where do I need to place the Body Relief Patches?
Place one or more patches on or near the center of discomfort. Never place them on open wounds or irritated skin.

5. Can I use the Body Relief Patches if I have sensitive skin?
Yes. Please apply the patches to a clean area of skin and apply a thin to thick layer of your moisturizer (thickness depending on skin sensitivity) to that area.

Then apply and press the patch firmly to your skin for 5-10 seconds or as long as needed to help it adhere to the moisturized area.

If irritation persists, discontinue use. Please be sure to not apply the patches to open wounds or damaged skin and consult a doctor if your condition requires it or gets worse.

6. What is in the Body Relief Patches that make them work so well?
The patches are infused with 100% natural complex and simple molecule frequencies, not ingredients. These frequencies number in combination to
aid in supporting a healthy inflammatory response.

There are no chemicals or herbs applied to the patch. They are for supporting a healthy inflammatory response and are a wellness product. They are designed to get your body to use its natural hormones and releases to support a healthy inflammatory response as the body does produce its own relieving response.

The frequencies provide the body with energetic signaling that support a healthy inflammatory response and remind the brain and the spine to communicate to release its natural substances to help provide immense relief.

The physical patch itself is a nylon fabric with a Mylar base on it. It has a medical grade, hypoallergenic adhesive.

7. May I use more than one patch for intense discomfort?
Absolutely. You can use up to 3-4 patches for your area of discomfort. Most people find relief from 1 patch, yet 2 or 3 or in intense discomfort, 4 may be required for supporting a healthy inflammatory response.

Please keep the patches on for as long as possible to help make them more economical.

8. Will the Body Relief Patches affect my pacemaker?
No. The Body Relief Patches are energetically programmed through the usage of scalar waves frequencies. They do not contain mechanical or pharmacological lotions or any other ingredients that can cause conflict.

9. What type of support works best with the Body Relief Patches?
Those who use our patches for supporting a healthy inflammatory response tend to receive the greatest benefits.

10.Will this help with supporting a healthy inflammatory response within the brain?
Yes. In many cases general head discomfort results in stress. You may need to apply one to the temple and one to the base of the neck to receive relief.

11. Will this product work with hip and joint health?
Yes. Many of our customers are recovering from various surgeries and use our patches for support. Some are also pre-op and are using our patches for joint support.

12.Why do the results vary between people?
Results have a lot to do with your own body weight, bone density, sensitivity to energy, skin sensitivity and severity of pain. No two people are alike in their threshold for discomfort.

13.What if the Body Relief Patch does not work for me?
We suggest applying two patches, and up to three or four if needed, instead of just one in these instances. However, in some cases, it is possible that discomfort is too severe. In these cases, please do not ignore this pain and consult a physician.